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Can my business stay open while having it painted?

The answer is yes!

Having a fresh, modern paint update shows your customers that you care about attention to detail. A maintained building reflects well on your business and inspires trust.

Your business is important. It would be very inconvenient to you and your customers or clients if you had to close during a painting project. We will give you some proven strategies to have your business painted and not have to shut down.

Paint during off hours

Working weekends or after hours is one of our go-to strategies and works well for you and the painting team. Your employees are not disturbed and the painting crew can work more efficiently.

Cordon off areas

Designated areas to be painted can really save you a headache. If painters can be painting in areas that are cleared out, they can stay out of employees’ way. This can be planned in advance.


Letting employees and customers know what to expect is courteous and allows you to address any concerns. This can lead to better planning. Signs, an email announcement, or a social media post can be good ways to notify people to what to expect.

Painting your business is an inexpensive update that shows your pride in your company. It makes employees and customers feel more comfortable. We have years of experience in developing strategies to make the experience as painless as possible. And as always, we serve Athens, GA and the surrounding counties with the best service and care as possible.

Contact us for a quote and let us update your business.


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