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Choosing the right exterior paint trim color

Exterior trim paint colors can seem tricky, but if you do a little research and ask yourself a few key questions you can start to unveil the mystery.

Brick house with white trim and black shutters
Brick home with white trim and black shutters

First, use your home's style to find colors that traditionally work with your type of home. Use your home's field color to research trim color that is typically painted with that color. Also take into consideration your home's other surfaces like shingles and stonework.

Next, you have to decide if you want your trim paint to blend or contrast. If you want to blend, you can go monochromatic and pick a color either up or down on the paint swatch of your field color. To contrast, consider going white, a classic choice, or a warm, earthy gray, or even black. For most houses, trim is lighter than the siding, making white and creams, the most popular choices. Taupe, olive, or moss can add a pleasant contrast and offer a soft pop of color.

Many paint companies have put-together color schemes that are helpful. As well as, professional painters have a great deal of experience with color schemes that work.

With these tips, you will be sure to find the perfect exterior trim color.


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