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So You Want a Kitchen Makeover? Paint Your Cabinets!

Painting your cabinets can be a truly economical transformation. Whether your cabinets are banged-up, have an unattractive stain, or are coated in last decade’s trendy color, putting a fresh coat of paint can bring unbelievable results.

When time and expertise are put into the preparation, painted cabinets can rival new, expensive cabinetry. The key is to follow all the steps. This is not a weekend job, it is a time and effort investment. This project seems like a cinch, but it has some hidden difficulties.

There are some definite rules to follow when attempting to paint cabinets.

Time: You have to allow enough time for the scope of the project. It can take 4 to 7 days.

Cleaning: You must clean the cabinets thoroughly with a de-greaser. Paint will not stick to greasy cabinets. Professionals use a paint-prep de-greaser.

Doors and Drawer Removal and Labeling: In order to get the proper finish, the doors and drawers must be removed along with the hardware. It is pretty important to label each door and drawer, so they can be put back in the right place.

Sanding: You have to sand in order to knock down from glossy to matte to prepare the surface. Along with this, sanding can smooth out an imperfections.

Dusting: Dusting all the debris after the sanding step is crucial. Otherwise, you will paint the dust in!

Prime: Use a stain-blocking primer. You don’t want anything coming through that will haunt you later.

Chose a high-quality paint: An inferior paint will spoil all the effort it takes just to do this project.

Roll with a roller, not a brush: The last thing you want are brush marks in your paint.

Let the paint cure: Wait days to let the paint cure and harden or you could damage the paint and leave nicks and scratches.

In closing, accuracy in following the steps and investment in time can render great results when painting cabinetry. A job done right can save many thousands of dollars and look just as good as brand new cabinets.


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