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The Beauty of Painted Doors

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Exterior Painting
Vibrant red door

Doors represent a sense of adventure. They are the beginning of a journey into a new place. Doors are a great place for a fun color and painting your door is an easy change with a small commitment. Unexpected color can liven up a traditional facade and monochromatic color schemes can make a small house seem larger.

Warm colors, such as red or orange can give a house personality, show your wild side. They make a bold statement and have big energy. These vivid colors do mix well with neutrals. Red is bold and vibrant. Yellow is cheery and fun. Orange is electrifying and modern.

Red brick house with white trim and black door
Red Brick House with Black Door

Cool contrast, greens, blues, grays, and blacks are sophisticated and grand. Choose a saturated tone to give a large impact. Black gives a house a stately, classic look. Blue can be a fresh alternative to black. A white door can pop against a dark trim or field color. Earthy gray is grounding and paired with ivory trim can pop. Green hues can be fresh and call back to nature. Mint green, sage, teal, and aqua have become increasingly popular for a splash of color. Rich brown stain can show off a natural wood door and give the house a warm and inviting look.

Do remember to look at the paint swatch outside in the natural light to get an accurate reading of any color. And remember to have fun!


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