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Bold Color Can Represent Optimism

Color affects the feel of a room, even the shape of a room. Some rooms seem to require a neutral backdrop, while others could use some color. Color trends move so fast, that it almost doesn’t matter what color you choose, there will be a beautiful shade of it out there. We’ve become better at curating shades that are rich with beautiful undertones. This helps us to make a more informed decision when we decide to go bold.


Using accessories could pack a punch for those who are terrified of the thought of painting all four walls a bold color. Others may want to try using bold color on the walls, but are afraid. Experimenting with a small room, such as a powder room or painting one accent wall, can test your level of commitment. Use your instincts and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. It’s just paint!

Walk on the Wild Side

You could go all in with bold color and bold accents. Deep saturated colors create a sense of drama and glamour with moody hues being fantastic for a bedroom. Pairing a bold color with a variation of its complementary color can lessen its effects and allows it to take on a neutral backdrop.

Moody Master Bedroom

Rich color can give a room a big personality. There is nothing wrong with neutral colors, but if you’re feeling wild and carefree, free yourself from the ordinary and paint your world with big color.


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