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Exterior Color Trends

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Exterior paint is such an important part of your home's appearance.

The right paint color can accentuate desirable traits and play-down less attractive details. Now, more than ever, there are so many paint colors available, that neutrals can stand out and bold colors are the norm.

Neutrals are still a tasteful choice and using bold accents will shake things up. As well as going all neutral can create a tranquil color palette. With neutrals look at any stonework or masonry to tie into your color scheme.

Greige, a grayish beige, is a stylish option. You can throw in a vibrant accent color for doors and shutters to spice things up.

White is a classic paint color that still stands the test of time. Choose a softer tone of color for shutters, doors, and even the porch ceiling to get a subtle contract.

Don't be afraid of softer tones of color, they may work well in your neighborhood. Sage green is trending now and creates a fresh, serene look for exterior and interior.

A soft creamy yellow, combined with accent paint colors that draw from your landscaping flowers, can be very inviting and add interest.

Take your time when considering exterior paint colors. Get feedback from a professional painter as they have experience with color choice.


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