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Exterior Paint: Protect Your House and Your Money

From enhancing your curb appeal to preventing costly repairs, exterior painting has massive benefits.

Old exterior paint peels, flakes, and erodes. This makes your house look unattractive and allows moisture to soak into the wood. Timely repairs keep weather out and protect the life of a home's exterior. There are many benefits of painting to protect your home:

Stops termite damage: A deterrent for termites. Termites have a harder time burrowing in sealed surfaces. Paint and stain make a great barrier for protecting wood.

Improves curb appeal: Painting gives you an opportunity to update the color and modernize your home making it more attractive.

Extends life of siding: Replacing a home’s siding is a costly endeavor. Regular repaints safeguards your siding, stretching the lifespan of it.

Protection from the elements: A shield against the elements. Rain and snow increases the moisture your home is exposed to.

Prevention of mold and mildew and rot: If your home is sealed, paint prevents water from allowing mold and mildew to take effect.

Increase the value: It increases value when your home has been properly maintained.

Protect your investment: Upkeep and maintenance protects your investment. Repainting has a 55% return on investment and protects again expensive future repairs.

Careful preparation of the home's exterior prior to applying the paint may be as important as the fresh coat of paint itself. It is important to spend time making repairs to surfaces that house nibbling pests may have caused, scraping off any peeling paint, and use top caulking materials and techniques to seal and protect your home first.

Proper maintenance, which includes painting, saves money, protects your investment, and gives you a beautiful place to call home.


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